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2 upcoming shows this week!

Thursday 9/23 

Benefit for Friends of Night People 6pm at Flying Bison Brewery

Sunday 9/26

Appleumpkin Festival at 3:45

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Come on out and join us at a show! 


Hey folks, how ‘bout a special happy hour party at one of Buffalo’s premier breweries, that also helps those in need? 

 McCarthyizm will providing live rock-n-roll at Flying Bison Brewery (840 Seneca St.) on Thursday Sept. 23rd for Friends of Night People’s “Pop By For the People” event.  So ‘Pop By’ between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm on the 23rd, make a donation and get a sweet T-shirt, a delicious local brew and some rockin' McCarthyizm tunes. 

It’ll make ya feel so good inside.  


CD's anyone? 

As we prepare for the release of our latest "release", I have to ask this, does anyone want CD's anymore? With the multitude of music streaming services available today has the CD become obsolete?

The money that a band makes from streaming services is minuscule. However, that's a discussion for another time.

Just the other day I received a CD in the mail from my favorite band. I opened the packaging, started reading liner notes and looking over everything. Then I grabbed my keys, I had my new CD in hand, I hopped in my truck only to discover that I had no CD Player in my ride....ugh

What are your thoughts?