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The next show is Thursday, November 4th  at The Sportsmen’s Tavern!

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Come on out and join us at a show! 


Every band needs a home. For McCarthyizm, that home has been the legendary Sportsmen's Tavern in the Black Rock community of Buffalo NY.  If you have never been to a McCarthyizm show at the Sportsmen's Tavern, it's really time to do so!

Whether you are there for the music, the food or to just soak up the atmosphere of the "Honkiest Tonkiest" bar around, a trip to the Sportsmen's is well worth your while.

Originally opened in 1985, by Dwane and Denise Hall, the Sportsmen's has transformed itself from a neighborhood tavern into one of the best live music venues around. The debt of gratitude that McCarthyizm owes to the Hall family is unmeasurable. Please join McCarthyizm on Thursday, November 4th at 7pm for another epic Sportsmen's night!






What constitutes an establishment being deemed a "Music Venue"? 

Is it because they occasionally have live music or a DJ on duty?

Or, do they put a bunch of band posters on the wall and pump in some tunes and call it a music club?  Not quite.

What it does take is the hard work, drive and commitment of the venue's ownership and staff to bring you the best live music week after week. 

This is exactly what Shawn and all of the staff at The Transit Music Lounge do. From the minute you walk in to "The Transit" and take a look around, you just know that this is indeed a Music club.

McCarthyizm is thrilled to be invited back to play another show at the Transit Music Lounge. Please join us on Friday, November 19th at 9pm for some Rock, Pop, Americana Celtic Mayhem (how's that for a genre?) and while you are there, treat yourself to some of the best Burgers and Wings in town!  See you at the show!


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