Sally's Vlog

Kicking off St Pat's season with a collab 

We kicked off our St Pat's season this week with a rollicking fun show at The Banshee Irish Pub in downtown Buffalo. Later this week, we'll be playing at our home venue, Sportsmen's Tavern, for our usual 1st Thursday of the month show, 7 to 10 pm. Then, we'll be down the road at Tappo Chandler this Saturday, 8 to 11 pm. Check out our show schedule page for a full list of show dates this holiday season. 

To celebrate the start of the season, I made this audio collab of the folk ballad “The Auld Triangle” with our Canadian friend - folksinger, songwriter, barbershop quartet vocalist, and choirman extraordinaire, Taylor “Mickey” James McKinnon. Taylor is affiliated with the folks up in New Market, Ontario who host a live music series out of their home DIY venue, “The Garage.” McCarthyizm has played there annually for years, and there is even a car hood with our name on it mounted to the venue wall! 

Wales, The World Cup, and The Bills!  

This week marked the first time since 1958 that Wales appeared in the Men's FIFA World Cup . Here is a Welsh song to commemorate the event. (English translation: "A Pure Heart.") Recorded as a collab with Wil Jones (guitar and lead vocals) in a Cardiff University practice room back in 2015, when I was studying my master's degree in ethnomusicology there. All photos are from my travels across the south, over the valleys, into the north, and back again through all of Wales. Cymru am byth! 

Don't forget that McCarthyizm will be celebrating another big sports event - The Bills vs. The Patriots - next Thursday 12/1 with a pre-game show at Sportsmen's Tavern. The pre-gaming and music start at 5 pm, then the game will be on the big screen at 8 pm. Get your fill of beer, chicken wings, music, and The Bills all in one go!

Autumn Leaves 

It's autumn! Check out this Autumn Leaves video I made to celebrate the season. Now I'm prepped to trade jazz licks with Joe D at our upcoming Sportsmen's show, the first Thursday of May. If there were any good pumpkin beers, I'd ask for one on tap. Luckily there aren't, so Guinness it is. See you May, 3rd!