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Welcome to my little corner of the world dedicated to all things bass related.  This is the place for all of my fellow "Low Enders" .


Being Thankful 

Life can be hard. Life can be cruel. When times are difficult, you really need to search for the things that you are thankful for. However, when you look, you will find them.

For me, one thing that I am thankful for is my fellow band members in McCarthyizm. It's a family. One big dysfunctional family and I would have it no other way. Thank you Joe, Joe, Sally and Greg.

I am also thankful for every single one of our (I won't call them fans,) they are our friends. You are the ones that keep McCarthyizm going after all these years. You come out to the shows, wear the shirts, dance and sing. You make every show an event and every event a moment for us.   That's what matters the moments we make and the moments we keep.

Thank you

Getting Back to Gettin' Back 

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all safe and well.

So, McCarthyizm is getting ready for some February and March shows. Just the other night in the practice room the topic of the recent  Beatles "Get Back" documentary came up in conversation. The observation was made that not much has changed in the band practice room from back in "the day" with John, Paul, George and Ringo to the way it is today.

A group of folks sitting or standing around each other just trying to create music, coming up with ideas, jamming and trying to get the sounds in your head to come out through your instrument. Some ideas flourish. While others get tossed aside for maybe a later time or to never see the light of day.  

What was amazing (to me) was that someone decades ago had the foresight to record on camera the magic that took place in that studio over those 21 days. Was there magic in the McCarthyizm practice room the other night?  Sure, we like to think so. Beatle Magic?  Well....let's not go there!  lol.....

What do your band practices look like? Do you just run set lists? Or, do you try write at every rehearsal?

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Cheers for now!


Bass Greats 

Hey All! 

Where would all of us "Low Enders" be without the bass masters of the Motown era? Some of my favorites (in no particular order) have to be Carol Kaye, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Bob Babbitt and of course James Jamerson.   They all  dazzled us with brilliant bass lines, syncopation and FEEL!  Some recorded a "thousand" notes in a song. While others proved that yes, you can write a memorable bass line in 2 notes.  Ahem, the song  "My Girl" comes to mind.

Who are your greats? Please chime in, I would love to hear from you.

See you in the practice room...